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In 1996, Malaysia launched the National IT Agenda (NITA) as part of a major strategy aimed at national development and nation building in preparation for the challenges of the IT era. The agenda contained a broad outline for a national framework aimed at providing balanced IT development for Malaysians, Malaysia's infostructure and the applications found within. For this effort to succeed, Malaysia requires greater trust and faith in the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Trust and faith that can only be gained through enhanced ICT security.

In March 1997, the Malaysian Computer Emergency Response Team (MyCERT) was launched. Over the years, MyCERT provides assistance to many Malaysians in handling ICT security incidents such as intrusion, denial of service attack, hack attempts, malicious code attacks, email abuses, social engineering and many more. It was also at this time that national awareness on ICT grew, in particular, the understanding that ICT security issues encompass a much broader and varied scope. Security panacea, such as firewalls and technological solutions is not sufficient in tackling security threats. The growth in the number and varieties of ICT applications and devices produced by suppliers, lacking in fundamentals security functionality, has created an exponential explosion in the need for a trusted reference and specialist centre in ICT security to support not only the reactive measures, but also the proactive measures in ICT security

Realising this vital need, the 6th National Information Technology Council (NITC) Meeting on the 15th January 1998 agreed upon the need for establishing the National network security and accreditation agency which in turn gave birth to the National ICT Security and Emergency Response Centre (NISER).


NISER aims to address core ICT security issues in the country.


Through collaborations with other agencies, NISER will provide specialised ICT security services and continuously identifies possible gaps that could be detrimental to National Security. NISER will not nullify the need for dedicated team(s) within an organisation and will further enhance those services provided by aforementioned team(s) through mutual co-operation, information sharing and expert assistance.


In achieving our mission, we will be guided by the following working principles:

  • To Maintain Technical Competency

    All our activities are geared towards deriving valuable, objective, technical and scientific conclusions on core ICT security areas. We are focusing not only on conceptual matters but also on skill development and experience building in this arena.

  • To Pursue Proactive Action

    We seek proactive thinking and action in preparation for any eventualities which may occur. We are very serious in treating security issues with urgency and anticipate incoming threats based on indicators we have formulated.

  • To Harness Collaborative Effort

    We seek collaboration with all parties, irrespective of geographical boundaries and political ideologies, to keep ahead in ICT security evolution.

  • To Remain Neutral and Impartial

    We shall remain impartial and neutral in all our activities, driven constantly by open communication, relevant info-sharing and transparent methodology.

  • Not for Profit

    Profit is not the ultimate aim of our activities even though we need to consider cost recovery. We are geared towards more vital missions for the betterment of our future generation and the nation's sovereignty.

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