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Case Studies
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Case 1: The case of corrupted emails

One morning an experienced worker work as usual in his office with a full of idea and plan to improve his company. Then he open his e-mail and found out some message from the screen that his e-mails has been corrupted partially. He thought it was a joke. He was shocked when he saw that not all his e-mails was on the inbox which contain a lot of important e-mails. He really need to access the e-mails. He called his technical staff to help him to get the e-mails back, but it was unsuccessful. Day and day he waited for them to solve the problem. Then one day, one of his colleagues suggested to get help from computer forensic. Computer forensic was brought in to recover the e-mail. The process recovering was successful and he can gain access and retrieve the important e-mail from his notebook.

Case 2: The case of disgruntled employee

It was a classic story of employee revenge. An ex-employee has formatted his hard disk before he resigned in an attempt to destroy information. After 6 years of services he was reluctant to give information and document to his employer. It was a perfect revenge. He resigned happily thinking that the damaged that he has done will shatter his company. The planned work perfectly in the first place until the company need to retrieve certain data in that formatted hard disk and everyone cannot help him. . Then the employer got information from his staff that computer forensic can help him to recover the data back. Computer forensic was hired to rescue the situation. His e-mails, letter and memorandums were all recovered from the harddisk.

Case 3: The case of corrupted data

It was a beautiful morning for the employee until he found that his computer was suddenly fail to boot as usual. He cried for help from his technical staff who is good in technical and know latest technology about computer. Unfortunately nobody could help him to backup the data in that computer. He feel anguish and miserable. Luckily, one of his colleagues suggested him to refer his problem to computer forensic . With a complete tool and equipment, computer forensic recover his document file.

Case 4: The case of hatred and revenge

One morning an employee from a goverment agencies was trying to start-up her computer and found out that her window has problem to start-up properly. Her certain program application also cannot run smoothly. The message in her screen mention that the system cannot find some file. She suspected that someone has done something in her PC due to some previous internal conflict in the organization. As a result she felt so afraid, suspecting that someone might has used her computer to threat her. Everyone don't believe her story. That was when she turned to computer forensics to help her to recover her window application and do the hypothesis. After analysed her computer files, it was proven that her system files was manually deleted and at the same time computer forensic recover her window application

Case 5: The case of forgotten backup

An employee cannot boot his window as usual when she started to work in the morning. This abruptly happened without any warning. Immediately she contacted her technical person. The hard disk has been taken out for some backup before they try to troubleshoot the problem. After the process troubleshoot finish they return the hard disk to her. She was very happy knowing their problem has been solved, so she wanted to read her e-mails and what a pity, she found that her inbox was empty. Lastly, computer forensic was hired to get the e-mail back. During the analysis it was found that their email folder was overwritten by the O/S reinstallation. We suspect that the email folder in netscape was probably not backed up since it was located in system directory which was probably overwritten during the O/S reinstallation. It was also found that there was no folder mail in the client harddisk. By using specific tool we have recovered the e-mails that has been overwritten.

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