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Welcome to the NISER - National ICT Security & Emergency Response Centre

Who We Are ?

NISER evolved from what was originally the Malaysian Computer Emergency Response Team (MyCERT) in March 1997. Throughout these years MyCERT was able to give good assistance to many Malaysians in handling ICT security problems such as intrusion, spamming, and many more. NISER was formed by the National Information and Communication Technology Council (NITC) to address ICT security issues covering both proactive and reactive measures. NISER specialises and provides expert opinion on subject matters.

20th - 22nd October 2003
PWTC Kuala Lumpur
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Computer Forensics is the latest service provided by NISER.
It is conducting evidence analysis on digital information, primarily those involving Internet related crimes, information extraction, recovery and analysis.
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  • Securing Linux
  • Windows NT Security
  • Solaris Security
  • Computer Security Incident Handling
  • Windows 2000 Security: Step-by-Step
  • This survey is conducted in 2002 involving hundreds of organisations in Malaysia. Its aim is to measure the security awareness level among organisations and determine the scope of ICT security breaches.

    The survey is available free-of-charge for public consumptions. However you must fill in the request form in order to have it. Click here to continue:

Latest Alerts
  • 22 Sep - MA-057.092003
: W32.Swen@MM Worm Masquerading
as Microsoft's Patch
  • 12 Sept - MA-056.092003
: Microsoft RPCSS Vulnerabilities NEW
  • 19 Aug - MA-055.082003
: W32.Nachi.Worm
  • 12 Aug - MA-054.082003
: W32.Blaster Worm
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Other Advisories and Bulletins

CERT Coordination Center
Microsoft Security Advisor
AUSCERT Advisories and Alerts
FreeBSD Advisories

Latest News Upcoming Events
  • 17/10 - Penulis virus cuba dapatkan alamat e-mel menerusi spam
  • 15/10 - Ancaman siber - Mitos atau realiti?
  • 13/10 - Spam e-mail drains corporate resources
  • 10/10 - Hackers penjenayah, bukan pencipta inovasi
  • 10/10 - Penggodam guna kaedah rumit hasil virus kompleks
  • 10/10 - Penggunaan virus cecacing, kuda trojan kian meningkat
  • 10/10 - Maklumat transaksi internet dilindungi
  • 10/10 - Personal data transfer to be regulated from next year
  • 10/10 - Number of Internet abuse cases quadruples to 2,106
  • 10/10 - Penyalahgunaan Internet di Malaysia meningkat lebih 100 peratus
  • 09/10 - Personal Data Protection Law To Be Enforced Next Year
  • 08/10 - Hackers beretika - Lindungi sistem rangkaian komputer anda?
  • 01/10 - E-mel palsu mengandungi cecacing baru
  • 01/10 - ASEAN bentuk pelan perangi jenayah siber

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    DPM's speech during the launch of the National ICT
    and Emergency Response Center (NISER)

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Panel of Experts Meeting for Year 2003
"PoE Meeting 8/2003 - 18 Dec 2003

Security Resources Training
  • An Overview Of Disk Imaging Tool In Computer Forensics
  • An Overview of SecureIIS Are We Really Secured Now?
  • Cyber Threats: Myths or Reality?
  • Home PC Security

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UNIX System Administration Security Training
Windows 2000 Security and Advanced Administration Training
Introduction to Computer Forensics
Incident Response and Handling

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