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Those who wish to send sensitive information to MyCERT staff via e-mail, we strongly encourage you to encrypt your e-mail. Currently MyCERT supports Pretty Good Privacy(PGP) encryption, originally written by Phill Zimmermann.

If you do not have PGP installed, click here to download the PGP software.

The reason MyCERT supports PGP encryption is because it is the best technology available at the moment, and which is widely available. This preference might change as new technologies develop.

MyCERT's PGP Public Key

To use the following key, you will have to add it to your public keyring. In order to do this, copy the text between and including the BEGIN/END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK lines to a text file (say, mycert.asc). Then enter the following PGP command:

pgp -ka mycert.asc [keyring]

where [keyring] is the name of your public keyring. This item can be omitted if you are using the default file pubring.pgp, or if the file is specified explicitly your PGP.INI.

More simply, PGPClick can be used by copying the key to the clipboard and clicking on the "Add Key" button of PGPClick.

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Last Update March 11, 2001