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NISER's Spamming Issues Online Survey Key Findings


https://niser.org.my/resources/spamming_survey/spamming_survey_2003.pdf (484 Kb)



The "NISER Spamming Issues Online Survey" is conducted by the National ICT Security & Emergency Response (NISER), in collaboration with ACNielsen. The survey was conducted in July 2003, among 102 organisations from government, finance, retail, manufacturing, services and telecommunication sectors in Malaysia.


Summary of
Key Findings

  • Incidence of organisations receiving spam is high at 95%

  • Spam is mostly defined as:

    • Unsolicited emails (82%)

    • Anonymous emails (77%)

  • About 77% of organisations currently use technology to control spam mainly using mail filter and anti-spam software (85%)

  • 79% agree that spam costs significant time and money, however:

  • only 27% would take action to be removed from spammers' mailing lists

  • only 48% would report the issue to respective authorities

  • The spamming issue in Malaysia is currently seen as moderate or not serious (66% )

  • However, most organisations are concerned about the problem (75%)

  • Therefore, the government should enforce legislation to outlaw spam as 95% of organisations suggest that the current law is inadequate

  • Currently, only 10% of those organisations who responded are aware of the existence of law related to spamming

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Last Update September 15, 2003