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    • Training Objectives

      The objective of the training is to explain Unix security and the focus will be on non-network problems. The training will show the loopholes that are often missed by system administrators and discussions during training will be more on concepts and mechanisms to secure the system. This basic understanding can help system administrators to develop workable computer security policy.

      This training also discovers vulnerabilities and the many ways an intruder can manipulate a system. We will discuss on how to defend through proper configuration and present techniques to monitor network activities on a system.

      In addition, the training is also intended to assist system administrators in locating and using public domains to improve their system and network security. The course will emphasize on how to install, configure and use the security tools.

      The ultimate goal of the training is to give understandings of system and network problems encountered in Unix and how to secure Unix with proper installation, configuration and using effective security tools.

    • Who Should Attend

      These 4 days intensive training course in Unix System Administration Security training that features effective practices in securing Unix installations and administrations is intended for:

      • Unix System Administrators
      • Network Administrators
      • Computer Professionals
      • Others who need to know how to secure a UNIX system and network

    • Prerequisites

      You don't need to know anything about Unix security but, you will need to be familiar with Unix environment and commands in general. Basic knowledge in Unix administration and a minimum knowledge in C language would be a great help.

    • What the Training Will Be

      Throughout these 4 days training, you will learn and keep awareness of security issues in UNIX system. You will also identify your roles and responsibilities in securing your network and system and implement minimum security tools in your own environment.

    • What the Training Will Not Be

      The training will primarily discuss about Unix security issues. We will not explain and discuss issues on what is Unix, how to use Unix, and other issues which are not related to security.

    • Training Agenda

      Day 1 Overview
      UNIX Security
      UNIX File System
      System & Account Policies
      Day 2 Host Perimeter Defense
      Securing UNIX Common Application & Internet Services
      Day 3 Event & Log Monitoring
      Backup & Recovery Policies
      Host & Network Security Assesment
      Day 4 PGP
      Server Security Policy
      Remote Access Policy
      Securing Solaris: Step by Step
      Securing Linux : Step by Step

  • Training Contents

    Below are the topics that will be discussed in the training:

    • Overview
      This chapter discussed about UNIX history, pre installation and post installation process.

    • UNIX Security
      This chapter discussed about UNIX security line of defense, boot process and useful command that can use as security tools.

    • UNIX File System
      The chapter discussed about the UNIX files system (BSD, system V), file access control, mount command and file system configuration file.

    • System and Account Policies
      The chapter discussed about the system and account management of typical UNIX system on root and every user.

    • Host Perimeter Defense
      The chapter discussed about understanding and securing the hosts, important files to be monitor, network configuration file, Installation and usage of file integrity checker such as tripwire and AIDE, installation and usage of TCP wrappers. This chapter also involved a lot of practical works to be done by the student.

    • Securing UNIX common application and Internet Services
      The chapter discuss about vulnerability and securing the application such as telnet, ftp, WWW, sendmail and DNS. This chapter also introduces the alternative way by using openssh to replace telnet and ftp. In this chapter, there is lots of practical session involved.

    • Event and Log monitoring
      The discussion is base on UNIX logging mechanism, the usage and features available. The student also learns how to install and configure tools such as NTP and logcheck.

    • Backup, Recovery Policies
      The chapter discuss about backup and related matters such as methodology, backup policies and disaster recovery planning.

    • Host and network Security Assessment
      The chapter teaches the student how to do their own hosts security assessment. This student also introduced to security assessment tool such as nmap, SARA, tcpdump and ethereal.

    • Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)
      The chapter discussed about the big picture, installation and usage of the Pretty Good Privacy.

      Notes: The training contents are subject to change

  • Tentative Dates:

    Month Unix Training
    Aug 2003 26 - 29
    Oct 2003 7 - 10

  • Time:
    Monday - Thursday, 9.00am - 5.00pm
    Morning sessions run from 9.00am until 1.00pm.
    Afternoon sessions run from 2.00pm until 5.00pm

  • Venue:
    MIMOS Bhd, Technology Park Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

  • Fee:
    The standard charge for this training is RM2500 per participant. However, the following groups/organizations are entitled discount as shown below:

    Categories of Organizations Discount Rates
    1) Corporate - 10% off for a group of 4 - 7 people
    - 15% off for a group of 8 or more people
    2) Government - 10% off for a group of 1 - 3 people
    - 20% off for a group of 4 - 7 people
    - 25% off for a group of 8 or more people
    3) Non-profit Organization - 5% off for a group of 1 - 3 people
    - 20% off for a group of 4 - 7 people
    - 30% off for a group of 8 or more people
    4) Students - 20% off for a group of 1 - 3 people
    - 30% off for a group of 4 - 7 people
    - 35% off for a group of 8 or more people
    5) Groups other than the above categories - 10% off for a group of 4 - 7 people
    - 15% off for a group of 8 or more people

    All payments should be made at least one (1) week prior to the training. All payments should be payable to MIMOS Berhad, by postal order or cheque. All rates are in Ringgit Malaysia (RM).

    (NOTE: Tea breaks and Lunch will be provided)

  • How To Register?
    • Email Registration:
      send email to with Subject: Unix System Administration Security Training
    • Fax Registration:
      Get the registration form by clicking here. Save the page to your computer and fill in the form. Our fax number is (6)
    • Online Registration:
      Will be available soon.

  • Contact Details

    For more information on this training program, please contact:

    NISER Training
    Email :
    Phone :
    Fax :

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