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Due to the rapid growth of technology and increasing complexity of interconnected and networked environment which is not in proportion to the assimilation of knowledge on ICT security among individuals, NISER provides the following services to assist communities in such endeavours:

  1. Announcement List.

    NISER will be sending ICT security information through our announcement lists to inform the public on the latest issues in ICT security and remedial solutions that need to be executed. Parties and organizations interested in the aforementioned issues are highly encouraged to join our mailing list.

  2. Interest Groups.

    NISER is also creating interest groups in many core ICT security areas in order to inculcate growth of knowledge and foster better collaboration amongst group members. From time to time, NISER will announce the formation of these interest groups and their activities in our webpage.

  3. Interactive e-forums.

    Periodically, interactive e-forums will be conducted for interested members which may feature the online participation of renowned local and/or foreign ICT security professionals.

  4. Lectures and awareness programs.

    Based on the latest issues and trends, NISER will conduct lectures and awareness programmes to enhance public knowledge on ICT threats and countermeasures. NISER is also willing to participate in education and awareness programs related to ICT security organized by related industry and organizations, subject to availability.

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