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Our technology research and assessment activities are mainly devoted towards defensive and protective information and communication technology aimed at protecting Internet communities including the government and industries in Malaysia. Key example of such researches are vulnerability detection, intrusion detection and computer forensic technology.

By assessing a range of critical issues involving our community, we can minimise risks and consequential damages to networked systems, and/or prevent the impact of such attacks from becoming widespread.

Periodically, NISER publishes documents such as research papers, advisories, alerts and newsletter articles with information on software and network vulnerabilities, defence strategies and early warning of likely attacks on ICT for the benefit of all concerned. This also includes security alerts, which are published when a severe vulnerability becomes widespread and communities need to be notified.

As ICT security also involves processes and management, NISER provides services which covers the following areas, including, but not limited to, expert analysis of various legislative initiatives and their effects on the IT security industry, community and ultimately, individuals.

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