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The Malaysian Computer Emergency Response Team (MyCERT) has been an active incident response center for the country since 1997 and is always ready to serve Malaysians in dealing with computer abuses and information security breaches. The team had served many industries, including banking, finance, multinational companies, government and education. MyCERT has been used by various agencies as a trusted intermediary in coordinating response with various parties, including Internet Service Provider, law enforcement agencies and international incident response teams.

MyCERT has the relevant information and expertise to help you detect, interpret and respond to computer security incidents. MyCERT is also capable of alerting you in the event of a security breach; and coordinating expert advice whilst rendering remedial assistance should you require it. You are highly encouraged to forward all incident reports via e-mail, fax or telephone to enable MyCERT to respond effectively.

MyCERT acts as an independent focal point for Malaysian hosts, which allows both local and international experts, incident response teams, vendors, clients and law enforcement agencies, to cooperate and conduct vital technical and remedial action at sites affected by computer security incidents. MyCERT's rapid response in analyzing problems and providing solutions can help the nation, your organization or company to minimize damage from attacks and prevent further unauthorized activity. New trends of security incidents may call for MyCERT to publish new advisories to further assist other organizations in mitigating and reducing damages. While MyCERT has the capacity to advise you and provide assistance to law enforcement agencies, it does not undertake any policing role or regulatory position.

MyCERT contact information are:


 M a l a y s i a n 
 C o m p u t e r 
 E m e r g e n c y 
 R e s p o n s e 
 T     e     a     m 

Malaysian Computer Emergency Response Team (MyCERT)
MIMOS Berhad, Technology Park Malaysia
URL: www.mycert.org.my

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